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33-years-old female
from United States / La
seeking 35–65 years-old male
About me
My name is bekky............i was born 29yrs back to an american father who impregenated my mum but left her to marry another lady.My mum is a black African and since my father left her we travelled back to here in Africa and started another new live.I graduated from a university and own a degree in Business Administration.I am 5.6ft tall i am light in colour i am 115bls in weight and i would say i got my colour from my dad,i am still single,never been married and have no kids .i live in a very remote area in the west coast of the country,i am the only child to my parents.I still consider myself fatherless but hopefully i can get to see him again someday.I am new to this online dating ,can be shy or sometimes might not know somethings expected of me to know,we dont have acess to internet browsing here in my village so i have to come to town which is about 10kms from where i live,so i am not the type who is always online.more over i am not employed at the moment,so most times i keep mys
marital status:
Blue green
body type:
168 cm (5'5)
High school
No, don't smoke
has children:
About ideal match
I would like to meet someone down to earth, open-minded, friendly, has a sense of humor, and enjoys having a good time. Also someone who knows when to be serious and when to just let loose. Someone that is goal oriented, god-fearing, loves to be challenged here and there mentally and physically, someone who takes adversities and turns them into stepping stones to pave their way to success, someone who knows what their priorities are for themselves and others that depend on them, someone who loves sports, someone who absolutely LOVES MUSIC; because I love to sing. I want to be introduce to someone who can teach but also choose to learn, I want someone to respect me as well as them. I want someone to desire to take life as journey and know that overtime the perils of the bad and the slight touches of good things that happen through time only make you stronger and allows to perhaps then have the strength to deliver the guidance to someone new. Anyway hit me up don't be afraid. LET ME KNOW